[ About Us ]

DEREN AMBALAJ was found in 1985 to answer the demand for plastic industrial packaging by the chemical industry. By continuous investment throughout the years, DEREN was the pioneer innovator in the Turkish market for plastics industrial packaging.

DEREN AMBALAJ's team embraces the importance of continuous improvement, in all areas of business, from manufacturing to services, to deliver timely and effective products to its clients.

DEREN AMBALAJ's factory is located in Şekerpınar, Tuzla from where it can effectively supply the core of the Chemical Sector concentrated around Gebze – Tuzla –Dilovası districts.

With 30 years of experience, DEREN AMBALAJ's goal is meet the Chemical and Food Industries' requests for plastics industrial packaging. The product portfolio includes the following packing groups:

  • IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)
  • L-ring
  • Open Top Drums
  • Jerrycans