[ Jerrycans ]

  • Fasset 60
  • C3 25/22/20
  • C5 25/22/20
  • NNF 30/25/20
  • NNFL 30
  • B 10

Utilization and Performance

Deren’s Jerry cans, ranging from 60 Lts to 5 Lts, offer the optimum flexibility and security for your liquid filling goods. Specifically designed for the transfer of industrial chemicals. Deren’s Jerrycans are designed and tested for full compiance to UN recommendations and RID/ADR standards for the transportation of hazardous chemicals.


  • Sturdy and sealed packaging, easy to clean
  • Designed for maximum fit to 40 feet containers
  • Lid seal that secures the originality of filling good.
  • Standart color Deren blue (others upon request)
  • Surface available to easy branding.