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Handling and Performance

Efficient space utilisation and low weight combined with maximum safety and user friendliness – the benefits of the versatile SCHÜTZ IBC system make the ECOBULK the most frequently used IBC type. Customer feedback from all areas of industry and application and the results of complex load analyses and innovative design ideas all help us to shape the further development of our IBCs.

Dynamic and Static Load

In particular, the IBC’s resilience in typical load situations was further optimised. The new series even survives with no adverse effects a three-hour vibration test and many tons of excess weight in the stacking pressure resistance test. These results by far exceed the statu¬tory requirements and provide impor¬tant safety reserves in day-to-day use.

Increased collision resilience during forklift operation

The new steel pallet demonstrates far greater resilience even in the toughest conditions. Thanks to their entirely new design, the corner and central blocks, produced using an innovative deep-drawing method, provide greater all-round protection from damage caused during forklift operation

Convincing drop test results

Optimisation of all components and their interaction as well as new manufacturing methods – e.g., 4-point welding of the vertical and horizontal tubes of the steel grid – have further increased the safety and reliability of the new ECOBULK line.

Improved stacking resistance and safety thanks to 30% greater surface contact

The new corner blocks feature an optimised geometry and new centring aids. This, in combina¬tion with the new top profile of the steel grid, results in one-third more surface contact and altogether a great improvement in the nesting of stacked containers.